We're the #1 global online community with multiple earning opportunities where you can get paid everyday for the things you do online! We like the way you think, join with us and turn those thoughts into rewards by completing simple paid Online Surveys, Videos, Tasks, Clicks and more! It's a website where users register to get access to a wide selection of daily surveys and paid offers that can be completed to earn cash and points, which are redeemable for gift cards and other items.

We work with several different companies and advertising networks to find offers for you to complete. When we find a company who wants to have our users try their product or service, we list it on our site. When a user completes their offer through our site, they report the completion to us and we credit your account.

People often ask why some offers take hours or days to confirm for them, and the simple answer is that we rely on our advertisers to provide us with statistics about users who have completed their offers. Some offers credit almost instantly, but others take longer because the advertiser may give us updates only periodically. Once we receive this information from our advertisers, user accounts are updated automatically.

If you do not already have a PaidSurveys.io account then follow the link marked Join Now. Carefully enter your email address (its very important that you enter this correctly!). Complete the form asking for your name,address and choose a username and password.

Review and confirm that you are happy with the terms and press register.

Yes. We do not share, sell or rent your email address, postal address to anyone.

Yes anyone can join here, but he/she should be at least 18yrs old and it's absolutely free to join! You will never have to pay anything to PaidSurveys.io.

Firstly, welcome to PaidSurveys.io!! To get started, all you need to do is go to the Earn Money & Offerwalls tab, and from there you can choose which kind of task you would like to perform such as Watching Clicks, Videos, Taking Surveys, Tasks, etc., so take a look at all the different options and then pick something to complete! We highly suggest checking out the 'Complete Surveys' and 'GetPaidTo' tab in particular as there are some great higher paid offers to check out and they are the easiest to do and have a good value for time. You should focus on the easiest offers first, not the highest paying. Just because it's the highest paying doesn't mean its the best value for your time. For example doing 5 offers that pay $2 each and take you 10 minutes each is better than doing 1 offer that pays $10 and takes you 1 hour to do. You earned more per hour by performing lots of little tasks rather than 1 big task.

You should also fill out your profile and payment information in the Settings tab with accurate information.

On the login page next to the password field we've links to retrieve password. So click on that link and fill your email address and username to retrieve your password. If you forget your username then use our support system and send us a ticket to know your username.

To change email and password, login to your members area and click on edit profile. In this page you can change your email as well as password too. But in case of username, No you can't as your account is identified based on your username. Therefore it cannot be changed. 

No, only one account is allowed per person per household. Your friends and family members may join, but only if they do not live in the same household. We believe you don't need more than one account. If we detect multiple accounts that relate to the same person, all relevant accounts will be closed.

All withdrawals go through an account verification process, where we verify fraud and other cheating has not occured. Right now, withdrawals are generally processed 3-5 business days from submission. We may delay payment in the event and account or activity is suspicious.

There are several reasons why your account can be marked as cheater/suspended. The most important reasons for this includes:

  1. Using multiple accounts.
  2. Failed in our verification process.
  3. Using a known cheater Proxy IP address or range of IP addresses.
  4. Changing your Internet ISP connection from one country to another country.
  5. Using an anonymous IP address.
  6. Using multiple ISP connections.
  7. Using non-compatibility browsers.
  8. You have used mobile connection or satellite connection to access our site.

If your account has been marked as cheater and you think this is a mistake then you should send us a support ticket and we will evaluate your request.

If an offer hasn't credited for you, it's because we haven't received credit. If, for any reason, we don't receive credit from the advertiser, we cannot credit your account. Remember that in most cases offers confirm within a couple of hours, but sometimes they can take days or weeks. Please try to be patient.

If you completed an offer but didn't receive any points, you will need to contact the offer wall that you used to complete the offer. You should usually allow up to 7 days before contacting an offer wall about missing points.

Be sure you read the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and any other relevant information on an advertiser's site before you do an offer. While we try to give you a general idea of what an offer is and how much it costs, we can't guarantee that our information is accurate or up-to-date. Be sure to check it for yourself first.

No specific reason has been given but this normally happens if your answers did not meet the required quality. Reasons for reversal include, but are not limited to:
  1. Failed quality control/test questions;
  2. Answering the survey too quick;
  3. Duplicate completed survey found (e.g. same IP or device);
  4. Information given not matching your demographics;
  5. Giving untruthful or contradicting answers;
  6. Not giving detailed answers where required;
  7. Giving nonsense/bogus answers;
  8. It's clear that random answers or straight-lining occurred on multi checkbox questions.

While doing a survey please take your time to read and respond to each question truthfully with accurate information. You should read every question and respective answers carefully while making sure you understand them in order to provide quality answers.

Please remember that giving poor quality answers will invalidate your surveys, even if you see the congratulations screen in the end. You may also lose access to further surveys if you receive too many reversals.

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